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make Power MailChimp compatible with the New Builder in MailChimp as currently we can only import Classic templates in.Under Review April 12, 2023 - Sandrine Vaconnet


Auto-Sync SolutionCurrent Feature July 29, 2022 - Gabriel Barkin

Need ability to access and run a Marketing List Sync via MS Flow and/or CRM Workflow. Ideally, we need a process to automate re-syncing a list when changes are made to membership.


URL shown in the click actionCurrent Feature July 29, 2022 - Joakim Glerup

It should be possible to see the specific URL, that the recepient of a blast have clicked at. Currently it is only possible to that they have clicked but not where. If the URL was available in the click action we would be able to set up nuture flows based on which URL the user clicked at. Mailchimp register this information so it should be able to add to the data.