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Allow option to add Activities/Notes to current recordOn The Backlog July 29, 2022 - Andrew T. Weaver

The current functionality for adding new Activity or Note records in PowerOneView only allows you to add and associate those Activity/Note records to the related record that is selected in the list view of PowerOneView rather than to the record that's currently opened. This behavior is contrary to the functionality that users are accustomed to when adding Activities/Notes via the Social Pane/Timeline or via subgrid. It would be nice if either a) the add Activity/Note behavior in PowerOneView was changed to match the behavior we already see when using the Social Pane/Timeline or subgrids or b) the user is given the option of whether they want to add the Activity/Note to the current record or to the related record highlighted in PowerOneView's list view.


The column widths should be adjustableCompleted July 29, 2022 - Dave Trepanier

All the column widths to be defined for your views, the same way all other view are configurable.


Allow Activity creation to happen in same window rather than new windowComing Soon July 29, 2022 - Yashawanth K S

When we try to create any activity record in Power One View, it opens up in a separate window, instead of same window. It isn't an ideal UCI behavior. Please look into this issue and let us know if it is possible to change this behavior to open in the same window.


Allow to sort by DateCurrent Feature July 29, 2022 - Gosia Elashmawy

It would be nice to be able to change the default sort to Date or other columns.