Security Roles

Every user who would like to have access to PowerGlobalSearch will need the PowerGlobalSearch User security role assigned to them.  System Administrators will automatically see and use PowerGlobalSearch, even without the security role assigned to them.

Configuring PowerGlobalSearch

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Navigate to Settings > Solutions and double click on PowerGlobalSearch, the configuration window is on the set-up tab. This is where you customize which entities you would like to search and which fields within those entities you would like to search in. While setting up these mappings you will also be able to customize which fields are displayed in the reading pane per entity.

Entity Selection

The first step in configuring the setup tab would be to select which entities you would like to search for with PowerGlobalSearch. We have pre-configured PowerGlobalSearch with the most common entities, but you are free to change these settings. The pre-configured entities can be found in the entity dropdown. To delete an entity from this list simply click the ‘x’ listed to the right of the entity name.

If you would like to add additional entities to this list simply hit the ‘+ Add Entity’ button above the entity dropdown. This will open a list of choices where you can select and de-select entities you would like to search.

Grid Mapping Section

In this section, you decide what displays in the Name and Detail columns of PowerGlobalSearch. To change the defaults, select another field from the list of options to the right, and drag and drop it into the grey field listed for either Map Name or Map Description.

Note: You will want to choose shorter fields to display here. Longer fields should be added in the Reading Pane.

Search Section

To configure which fields are being searched in an entity, you will need to set up the Search section. To add fields to this section drag and drop fields to the ‘Fields’ area under the Search Section box. If you would like to remove a field that is being searched, click on the ‘x’ next to the field label.

Reading Pane Tab

The last section is for configuration is the Reading Pane – again we have given you a head start with pre-configured fields; but feel free to make changes as needed. To edit what is shown in the reading pane drag and drop fields from the list of options on the right to the reading pane section. The ‘Attributes’ area in the reading pane is the only place you can add more than one field, the rest of the areas only allow one selection from the options list. You will want to put shorter fields in the “Attributes” section, and a longer field in the “Description” section. To edit the display name of a field, click in the white text area and change. To delete a field from the reading pane simply select the ‘x’ listed after the field name. You can also choose to append notes from the record in the reading pane for each entity.

Don’t forget to select the ‘Save’ icon at the top of the page after configuring all of the entities – your customizations will be erased if not saved before closing the configuration window!

Please Note: If you want to customize the views for PowerGlobalSearch on each entity you will need to complete the three steps above for each entity; otherwise the default configuration will be shown. Also, if you added any custom entities in the configuration, you will need to configure the reading pane for those entities since there will not be a pre-defined set of information associated with these entities.

Navigating to PowerGlobalSearch

To begin a search, navigate to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM dropdown and select the PowerPack section, then select the PowerPack tab and click on PowerGlobalSearch.


Once you are in PowerGlobalSearch you have many different options for searching, filtering and reading your results.

Search Bar

To use PowerGlobalSearch click within the search bar, and type a search word. PowerGlobalSearch is set up to search at the beginning of words/fields. However, if you would like to search within a word/field, use the (*) symbol at the beginning of your search word.


You can filter the records that are being searched by status (active, inactive or both), or by the type of record, by using the drop down menus towards the top of the screen. Additionally, you can also filter the records by the letter the record starts with, by using the alphabet listed at the bottom of the screen.

Reading Pane

The reading pane allows you to see details of the selected record without having to open it. Fields will only be displayed in the reading pane if they contain a value. If you would like to add or edit fields that are in the reading pane, please contact your system administrator.

Activity Toolbar

PowerGlobalSearch also allows you to add activities to the record that is selected in the PowerGlobalSearch window. To add an activity to the record, highlight the record, and select the type of activity you would like to add.

Opening a Record

If you’d like to open a record you’ve found with PowerGlobalSearch, simply double click on the record in the view, or click on the name of the record in the reading pane. This will pop open the record in the window.

Using PowerGlobalSearch in new UCI

PowerGlobalSearch is compatible with the Dynamics 365 online UCI. Make sure you have the UCI compatible version downloaded from our website and installed in your CRM.

Once you have PowerGlobalSearch installed you can to add it to your sitemap, along with the entities and web resources the solution provides by editing an app and adding the components in your app designer.



Uninstalling PowerGlobalSearch

To uninstall, navigate to the solutions area in CRM, select the solution and delete. Deleting the solution will remove all customizations surrounding PowerGlobalSearch.

Uninstalling the solution does not unsubscribe the solution.  If you're discontinuing use of the add-on, you must first unsubscribe in the solution.

Thank you for your interest in PowerGlobalSearch,, should you choose to subscribe you will be charged $1.50/enabled CRM user/month. If you have any questions or run into any issues with PowerGlobalSearch, our friendly support team is here to help!

PowerGlobalSearch User Guide