Security Roles

For users who you'd like to see and create hashtags, they will need the PowerHashTag User role assigned to them. Users will also need to be assigned the PowerHashTag AppUser role to access the PowerHashTag model driven app. System Administrators will be able to view and create the hashtags without any additional security roles assigned.

Adding PowerHashTag to Forms

After importing the solution, the PowerHashTag section will appear on the Account, Contact, Lead, Case, and Opportunity forms. To add PowerHashTag to other entity forms, you will need to manually add the PowerHashTag section to the entity form. Edit the form and insert the PowerHashTag web resource (poht_/HashTag.html) to section or tab.

Using PowerHashTag

Adding hashtags

To use PowerHashTag, users simply type the word(s) they would like to add and press the Enter or Space key. A list of potential matches will appear below the word as users are typing to make common hashtags quicker to add.

Viewing tagged records

To see other records with the same hashtags, users simply need to click on the existing hashtag. A pop-up window will appear displaying a list of all records, select any of these records to open it.

Customizing a hashtag

When the hashtag is open, users can change the color of the tag by changing the color field. Users will enter the HEX code for their desired color, remember to include a # symbol in front of the HEX code.

Users are also able to rename the hashtag, if needed. The changes to the name field will be reflected on each tagged record.

Uninstalling PowerHashTag

To uninstall, simply navigate to Settings > Solutions and delete PowerHashTag. Deleting the solution from your system will remove all of its components.

Uninstalling the solution does not unsubscribe the solution.  If you're discontinuing use of the add-on, you must first unsubscribe in the solution.

Thank you for your interest in PowerHashTag, should you choose to subscribe you will be charged $1.50/enabled CRM user/month. If you have any questions or run into any issues with PowerHashTag, our friendly support team is here to help!

PowerHashTag User Guide