Security Roles

Every user who would like to view the PowerLastActivity information on a record form will need the PowerLastActivity User security role assigned to them. Users who you wish to be able to change the PowerLastActivity set-up will need the PowerLastActivity Admin security role assigned to them. System Administrators will be able to see and configure PowerLastActivity without any additional security roles assigned.


The PowerLastActivity solution was developed by PowerObjects to allow Dynamics CRM users to see the most recent activity for a record. The solution includes two fields that will show the last activity for a record and the time and date that the activity was completed. Out of the box these fields are placed in a tab for the following entities:

  • Account
  • Contact
  • Lead
  • Opportunity
  • Case

Configuring PowerLastActivity

Once you have imported and registered the PowerLastActivity solution for your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system you have the option to configure which activities PowerLastActivity will use to populate your last activity fields.

If you navigate in CRM to Settings > Solutions and double click on PowerLastActivity you will see a tab labeled Setup on the registration screen; this is where you will configure which activities you would like shown in the Last Activity field. The solution will work with out-of-the-box activities as well as custom activities; to add an activity simply select an activity from the dropdown at the bottom of the screen.

If you would like to remove an activity type from the list of selected activities simply select the ‘x’ next to the activity name. Once you have completed adding or removing activities from this list please make sure you select the ‘Save’ button in the upper left corner before navigating away from this screen.

Using the Last Activity Tool

Updates to the Last Activity and Last Activity Date fields will automatically occur every time that the activities you configured to work with the solution are created.

When an activity has been marked completed the Type of activity appears in the ‘Last Activity’. Additionally, when the activity is completed the ‘Last Activity Date’ is filled with the date of when the last activity was closed.

If you would like to move the Last Activity and Last Activity Date fields so that they are not placed under a tab section you can accomplish that by editing the entity form, removing the tab and placing the fields where you would like them on the entity record. This is shown in the contact record below:

Tracking the Last Date of Contact

To track the last date of a record; simply navigate to the record that you want to view, and scroll down the page to the Last Activity field. The Last Date of Contact will be populated with the date of when the last activity associated with the record was marked complete.

Tracking the Last Activity Associated with a Record

To track the last activity associated with a record; simply navigate to the record that you would like to view and scroll down to the Last Activity field. The Last Activity field will be populated with the type of event that was last marked complete for the record.

Setting up ‘Call to Action’ Workflows

Additionally, PowerLastActivity can be useful for more than just viewing the last activity of a specific entity. CRM users can set-up workflows to automatically push out emails to contacts and/or leads when their record has been inactive for the past week, past month, and so on!

Conducting Advanced Finds for Information

With the Last Activity tool you can easily search for the last time a record or group of records were touched, and pull advanced find or reports based on this information. For example, sales can conduct advanced finds for their leads, and sort based on the when the lead was last touched.

Uninstalling PowerLastActivity

Before uninstalling PowerLastActivity, first delete all entities configured in the Setup tab, within the PowerLastActivity solution.

Then, uninstall as usual, by navigating in CRM to the solutions list, selecting the PowerLastActivity Solution and deleting.

Deleting the solution will remove the PowerLastActivity fields and/or tabs on the forms in your system. If you do not wish for these fields/tabs to be deleted you can simply unsubscribe from PowerLastActivity, but leave the solution in your system.

Uninstalling the solution does not unsubscribe the solution.  If you're discontinuing use of the add-on, you must first unsubscribe in the solution.

Thank you for your interest in PowerLastActivity, should you choose to subscribe you will be charged $1.50/enabled CRM user/month. If you have any questions or run into any issues with PowerLastActivity, our friendly support team is here to help!

PowerLastActivity User Guide