The world is mobile, so why shouldn’t your Microsoft Dynamics 365 be mobile too? With PowerObjects’ PowerSMS add-on it’s possible. PowerSMS integrates the power of CRM with the third-party text messaging platforms, CallFire and Twilio, allowing users to send and receive text messages from within CRM for Dynamics 365 to contacts, leads or any custom entity that has a mobile number associated to it.

It’s as simple as installing the solution, choosing the format, and pointing it to the entity and field on which it should be applied. And it requires no custom coding whatsoever!

PowerAutoNumber works on any record: existing, new, and imported. It can also be configured to fire only when a new record is created, only when an existing record is updated, or both. For example, it can be programmed to auto-populate a number in the Account field only when an Opportunity associated with that Account has been marked as Won.

  • Send text messages:
    • Manually through an SMS activity
    • To marketing lists
    • In bulk to a list of CRM records
    • Through workflow processes
  • Use text messages to:
    • Remind someone of an upcoming service appointment
    • Let someone know you received their inquiry
    • Notify someone that their case is closed
  • Utilize CRM workflows to
    • Automatically send a text message when a case is created or closed
    • Automatically notify an user in your organization when a record in CRM is assigned to them


Pricing: $1.50 per user

Price is per user, per month. All enabled users are automatically counted – this includes read-only users, admin-only users, and service accounts.


Solution Requirements

ADFS forms based authentication Any Online or on-premise implementation of: CRM 2016 / Dynamics 365



Starting June 1, 2021, we will begin charging a $20 monthly base fee per PowerPack add-on used in your organization. This new charge, which is in addition to your regular user-based charge, will enable HCL-PowerObjects to continue innovating new and exciting ways to enhance your Dynamics 365 experience.


PowerPack Support

PowerObjects has a team of support engineers ready to help! Our PowerPack Pros are passionate about helping trial and subscribed users get the most out of their Add-ons.



Connect the third-party text messaging platforms CallFire and Twilio to Dynamics 365 to send and receive SMS messages.

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