Creating web forms in Dynamics 365 is fast and easy with PowerWebForm. This PowerPack add-on allows you to capture information from an online web form and instantly pull it directly into Dynamics 365. You can then choose to create a Lead, a Contact, or any other entity – even a custom entity!

Easily build your web form in Dynamics 365, post it on your webpage, and start gathering submissions – it’s literally that simple. By allowing everything to be done under the Dynamics 365 umbrella, PowerWebForm eliminates the need to export/import lists to/from other databases. Plus, you now have the ability to reach out to website visitors without any lag time whatsoever.

PowerWebForm seamlessly integrates with GoToWebinar. Simply set up your webinar in GoToWebinar, create your web form in Dynamics 365, and publish that web form to your website. Then, when people fill in the PowerWebForm, they are automatically registered in GoToWebinar.


  • Choose from many different field types, including text box, radio button, check box, dropdown, and more.
  • Customize the look and feel of the web form using CSS so the form fits flawlessly into your web page.
  • Turn Google captcha on to prevent spam submissions – or leave it turned off. You choose!
  • Automatically populate Dynamics 365 fields when a form is submitted.
    • For Example: Use the Hidden field type to automatically populate the Topic of the lead that is created from a web form, or to populate the lead source or something similar.
  • Redirect visitors who completed the form, either manually (through clicking a button) or automatically.
  • Set up duplicate detection on more than one entity.
    • For example, if your web form is creating leads, you can check for duplicates in both Leads and Contacts before creating the new lead.
  • Create landing pages for your web forms.
  • Seamlessly integrate with GoToWebinar.


Pricing: $1.50 per user

Price is per user, per month. All enabled users are automatically counted – this includes read-only users, admin-only users, and service accounts.


Solution Requirements

ADFS forms based authentication Any Online or on-premise implementation of: CRM 2016 / Dynamics 365



Starting June 1, 2021, we will begin charging a $20 monthly base fee per PowerPack add-on used in your organization. This new charge, which is in addition to your regular user-based charge, will enable HCL-PowerObjects to continue innovating new and exciting ways to enhance your Dynamics 365 experience.


PowerPack Support

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Capture data from a web form and instantly pull it into Dynamics 365.

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