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Support Twilio alphanumeric sender IDsUnder Review November 24, 2023 - Richard Branson

We would love the ability to use Twilio alphanumeric sender IDs to send SMS from Dynamics CRM using the Power SMS powerpack. Currently we're unable to do this. In addition, we operate a multi brand organisation and Twilio only supports 1 alphanumeric sender ID per sub account. We would need the ability to configure multiple Twilio sub accounts within the PowerSMS powerpack. Currently I don't think this is supported. Looking forward to your consideration. Thanks.


F&O ERP Notification broadcasted via SMS Under Review March 23, 2023 - Khwaja Faiq Ahmad Wyne

We should have a SMS broadcast customization done that enables D365 F&O OOB Transaction triggers and receipt formats to be sent to customers via SMS for each stage of Sales Order life cycle. This could cover, Buy Online Pickup in Store, e-com order and cash and carry. These can be done via a white-labeling of a 3rd party provider like https://www.bandwidth.com


A quick win for D365 for Marketing...Completed July 29, 2022 - Rich

We could dev a custom channel tile for D365 for Marketing (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/marketing/developer/configure-tile-custom-channel) byu leveraging PowerSMS - this should be quick and we can add to the AppSource


PowerSMS for IVR and VoiceDeclined July 29, 2022 - Ken Kelly

If PowerSMS can trigger an SMS, it can also trigger a voice message or IVR call. CallFire and Twilio both have these linked services, which PowerSMS already has a connector to.


Sending batch SMSCurrent Feature July 29, 2022 - alex

Add support for sending an sms message to a marketing list for batch.